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 The Nurse Aide Program is a comprehensive course designed to teach students the skills and abilities essential to the provision of basic care to residents and patients in nursing homes, home health, hospitals and other health care settings.


There are two(2) parts to the Nurse Aide Program:


The first part of our nurse aide training is lecture(50 hours), which in held in the classroom. During classroom training, students will learn the aspects of resident care through lecture, video, and other methods we use to ensure that our students receive an excellent education. The success of our graduates speaks for itself.


The second part of our nurse aide training is clinical. Students will provide 100 hours of actual hands on resident care under the supervision of a licensed instructor at a state approved nursing facility.



The instructors, curriculum, and facilities meet the standards required by the California Department of Public Health(CDPH). This program teaches students how to communicate and effectively interact with residents, assist residents it their activities of daily living while maintaining as much independence as possible.


After completing the five (5) week( 50 theory hours, and 100 clinical hours) training program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to take the state examination for State Certification. After becoming state certified, (CNA) students may seek employment in health care settings such as hospitals, home health, hospice, long term care facilities and many other type of health care settings.




  • Social Security Card
  • Valid Identification with Recent Picture (California Driver's License, Military ID, Current Passport, etc.)
  • Live Scan 
  • Physical Exam *
  • T.B. Test *
  • Registration Fee $100.00
  • At least 16 years of age
  • $1250.00 ( this is not included with state exam fee to test) this includes books, uniform and other supplies.


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